“searching for anything consists ordinarily of nothing more than walking about with the idea of the object prominently in mind, and thereby standing ready to facilitate the entrance of perception when it offers itself”

Pillsbury, 1908

I am a doctoral candidate in Dr. Debra Titone’s Language and Multilingualism lab. My work focuses on several aspects of bilingualism and visual attention, including bilingual reading and visual search in experimental and real-world settings. I am further interested in how language processing and reading patterns in both L1 and L2 change as a function of individual differences in language experience.

The working title of my doctoral thesis is

Sightseeing in the Theoretical No (Wo)Man’s Land Between Language and Vision:
Evidence from Bilingual Participants Performing Visual Search Tasks

Additional projects and research interests:

  • Linguistic Landscape
  • Cross-language syntactic activation
  • Bilingual processing of indirect speech
  • Compound word processing in Chinese-English bilinguals
  • Knowledge translation