#Consent Comes First

These beautiful images are taken from a coloring book created by folks at Ryerson University.

The full book as well as many other valuable resources can be found here:  https://www.ryerson.ca/sexual-violence/Downloads/

During my first year as a graduate student at McGill University, I began volunteering with the Sexual Assault Center of the McGill Students’ society, where I specialized in advocacy work. I work directly with survivors of sexual violence to support them through a potential complaint procedure. Since joining the organization, I have also led a training for new volunteers as well as facilitated several focus groups to address the development of new sexual violence policies at McGill.

Just over a year ago, I initiated the establishment of a working group to write policy that would make existing campus resources more accessible to survivors of sexual violence from the post-graduate community. The policy primarily aims to keep graduate students informed about resources and establish a central point of contact for those who have experienced or witnessed acts of gendered and sexual violence. In the future, we hope to better meet the graduate students’ needs by adding a complaint procedure specific to the post-graduate context.

Beyond my involvement with the development of this particular policy, I have also been appointed to represent PGSS on two committees dedicated to policy matters. These included Ad Hoc Senate Committee on Teaching Staff-Student Intimate Relationships as well as the McGill University Sexual Violence Policy Working Group. While I believe these groups have made great progress, I plan to continue my work with such committees in order to help develop more comprehensive and accessible sexual violence policies at McGill.

I currently hold the appointed position of Anti Violence Coordinator, offering a confidential, non-directional support to members of McGill’s post-graduate community navigating the various resources available within McGill and the greater Montreal area.